Seymour College

Second Hand Uniform Shop

Rugby top - Seymour sports uniform

Good condition sports rugby too.


Wet weather jacket- Seymour sports

Perfect condition winter waterproof sport wind jacket


Sport wind jacket- Seymour sport

Good condition Small wind jacket. Fits right up to year 12


Blackwatch Winter skirt- regulation winter uniform

The skirt is a size 10 and lasted from years 8-12


Soccer too

Excellent condition. Hardly worn. Have a medium as well in same condition both 30 dollars


Douglas clan top

I have 2 of these- both extra small but not available in the pull down. Worn until year 12.


White shirt- winter uniform regikation

I have 2 and both size 10, not available in pull down. Ten dollars each


Blackwatch tie Seymour regulation winter uniform

I have 2. Both 10 dollars


Soccer shorts - Seymour sport

Perfect condition


Sport skort

Sport shorts - good condition- size 10


Soccer top

Soccer top new


Blackwatch skirt- Winter regulation uniform

Winter skirt excellent condition.