Melville Senior High School

Second Hand Uniform Shop


I have 4 white shirts size 12 available price 20$ each. 4 skirts size 12 price 20$ each.. I have 2 dresses size 12 price 25$ each.. I have 2 sports shirts size 12 price 20$$ each and sports shorts size 12 price 20$ each. my girls used it just for 1 term .. we bought brand new from uniform shop in 2017 but than we moved to NSW and I left all the uniform with my friend.. we used it just for 1 term and it’s almost new.let me know if anyone is interested Regards Irum Saqib


Skirt with a logo

Almost new skirts black with a logo of Melville senior high school..size is 8 , if u want to try,let me know .. very good condition as worn for only 1 term


Sports shorts

I have 2 of these sports shorts with a logo.. very good condition .. just worn for 1 term only.. size 10


Melville senior High School dress with a logo

Size 10 of these dresses is available.. I have 2 of them but a very good condition ,, worn only for 1 term so in a very good state ,, almost new:),, I can’t upload the pic here coz it’s too large in size,, I can send u if anyone interested ..