St Leonard's College

Second Hand Uniform Shop

St. Leonard Blazers

Good condition of Blazers, only use for 1 term. Email me if you are interested. We will delivery to your place.


St Leonards Summer Jac Shirt BOY

Great condition, and look new. Only 1 term wearing. purchase 3 shirts are only $75


St Leonards P/Waist Mens Short BOY

Shorts in good condition. wearing 1 term only.


Shirt Winter StLeonards boy

Good condition winter shirt. 2 shirts are for $50


St. Leonard Pullover BOY

Pull over in good condition and look new.


St. Leonard DTeach Jacket BOY

Very good condition and slightly wear it.


St.Leonard Winter Shirt BOY

Good condition and not rarely to wear long sleeve. Purchase 2 shirts are only $50.


ST. Leonard bag

good condition


St. LEONARD Tie and Hat

Tie and Hat as a SET


St. Leonard Track Pants

Very good condition and look so new.


St. Leonard Board short

Good condition Board short.


st. leonard house polo BOY

Good condition of house polo.


Boys Blazer

Size 105


Blazer boys

Size 90 Excellent condition


Boys Blazer Size 85

V good condition.


Boys Blazer Size 85

Boys Blazer Size 85. Very good condition