Hurstville Public School

Second Hand Uniform Shop

Short Sleeve Shirt (HPS)

Second hand short sleeved Hurstville Public School shirt. No striped collar and size tag has been cut, but very comfortable. Clean, no odours and in good condition. Price can be negotiated down to $5, but $8 is a well priced offer.


Size 12 Jumper (HPS)

Second hand Hurstville Public School jumper. Only has been used for one week, so quality is guaranteed. Clean and in good condition. Price is $12, a well priced offer for a very new jumper.


2 Long Sleeve Shirts (size 12)

Same good quality, both size 12. One for $8, two for $15 ;)


Long Sleeve (HPS) Size 10

Size 10 Long Sleeve Hurstville Public School Shirt. Neat, comfy and good condition. $8, if you want size 12, make sure to check out the other listing (which is also $8)!


Shorts Size 12 (HPS)

Size 12 Shorts from Hurstville Public School, kept and washed thoroughly. Very good condition, no rips, no unsatisfactory parts. Just like new.


2 Long Pants (HPS) Size 12

These pants are just as well, brand new. The pictures show the quality and condition and as you can see $40 is a very well priced offer for such a well kept pair of pants. Warm and comfortable. Second pair has the tiniest of scratches located at the right knee, but apart from that it is perfect. $22 for one $40 for two.


Sport Short Sleeve and Shorts Size 14 (HPS)

Bonus! Short Sleeve Sport Uniform plus Shorts Sport Uniform for a discount of $15! Save money, and the quality is just like brand new. Guaranteed this is going to suit your needs for a sports uniform: cheap, new and light.