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About Second Hand Uniform Shop

The Second Hand Uniform Shop is an online store that allows parents to sell their childrens old School Uniforms online with other Parents from the same School. When an item is sold the contact information is shared between the Seller and Buyer so they can negotiate payment and pickup. As this site is dedicated to you are only selling within the School Community making the exchange of clothing much easier.

The Second Hand Uniform Shop is provided for Free by so every parent can buy and sell their childrens schools clothes and uniforms easily and conveniently online. provide a full suite of tools to help School's and clubs sell their Uniforms online. Please note that doesn't control nor hold any responsibility for what happens with the Second Hand buying snd selling of uniforms and clothing from this site. This site is provided Free of charge for the benefit of all by Web Store Pty Ltd.

Completely Free

Absolutely no payments required. This is a Free service.

This Second Hand Uniform Shop is provided for Free by there is no charge for either the buyers/sellers nor . All clothing payments between buyers and sellers are negotiated privately.

Local Company

Australian Made and Owned. is provided by Web Store Pty Ltd a fully Australian Owned company with all development occuring within Australia to Australian conditions.


Please note that is not responisible for what happens on this website. If you still wish to contact the details are:

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