Our System.

One system to manage all your needs

Online Sales

Sell your uniforms and clothing directly to parents via our Online Web Store System

Point of Sales

Full Point of Sales system with BarCode, Reciept Printer and Cash Drawer support

Stock Control

Let the database keep control of your Stock Quantities so you never run out of stock


Full Purchase Order system with minimum quntities support


Let the database help you pick the orders without mistakes. Featuring Stock Locations, Barcoding and Different Sizes Support

Online Payment

Accept PayPal, Square and/or Credit Card payments both online and from your physical store without expensive Merchant Fees. We can integrate with any payment gateway.

Australian Made

Fully owned and built in Australia. All the software and systems have been built and designed for Australian conditions

Local Tech Support Support available during Australian Business hours

Don't stay up late waiting for oversea's business hours to begin before you can reach tech support. We provided both business and after hours support.

Locally Designed Works with Australian Banks and institutions

Fully support local conditions including GST and Australian Merchant gateways.

Easy To Use.

Let the database manage your Uniform Shop. With Stock Control and Picking, Purchase Ordering, Point of Sales, Income and Expense Reporting, plus so much more.

Stock Control Always know how much stock you have on hand

By providing the full suite of systems to manage your shop the database can always keep track of how much stock is avaiable. And with Purchase Ordering and minimum quntities the database can manage the stock for you.

eCommerce System Sell your Uniforms online

With our custom built eCommerce platform you can sell your Unforms and clothing directly to parents. Save the hassle of dealing with cash or credit cards and let the online system do it for you.